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All about Jobs!

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We Know.....It Seems Overwhelming!

Our goal is to run a fun and smooth meet...to make that happen, we need help from all of our families!  Did you know it takes almost 100 people to properly run each meet?  That's why we require each family to complete jobs.  You can always buy out of the requirement during registration, but we prefer you chip in and help us out!  For most jobs, no experience is required.

Two Categories of Jobs

  • Meet-Related: The majority of our jobs take place before, during, or after a meet. Each shift takes place for half of a meet or less.
  • Special Events: There are many social events throughout the season that help our team play and bond! Volunteers help set up, break down, serve food, chaperone the younger Gators, etc. Pro Tip: These events are particularly great to sign up for if you have younger children you cannot leave alone during a meet!

Which jobs are best for you and your family? If you have small children that can't be left alone during a meet, there are options! Special Events jobs can be done during the week when your availability may be more flexible. Many meet-related jobs require you to be available without interruption during your shift. Please make sure to sign up for the appropriate job for you and your family. Sometimes this requires talking it over with your family. For those with questions about job sign-ups, staff will be available to assist you during one of our in-person registrations.

Don't Miss Your Scheduled Job!

In order to run a smooth meet, we need all volunteers to arrive on time, ready to work.

  • All volunteers must sign in before 8 am the day of the meet, and attend a pre-meet training at 8:45 in the clubhouse. Some jobs require an earlier start!!
  • If you are unable to fulfill a scheduled job, it's your responsibility to find a friend or family member to work it for you. You may also utilize a teen worker - more information available here.
  • We also offer job switching online - click here to switch to an available job that you can make.
  • If you miss your scheduled job, and no one covers it for you, a $75 missed-job fee applies. It's no fun for us to charge this fee, so please ensure your jobs are all fulfilled!
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Job Descriptions (Meets)

  • Great for New Families (no experience needed!)
    • Lane Slip Verifier: (Home Meets) Lane slip verifier will circle the middle time on each lane slip and place in order from fastest to slowest time with empty lanes in the back. They will check of legibility of swimmer number and name. When completed, each heat will be passed to the computer reader. Be at the clubhouse for training at 8:45 am or when called.
    • Equipment Table: (Home Meets) Set up equipment table and assist with selling of Greenbrook equipment. Break down equipment table after first half of the meet, around breaststroke, event 36.
    • Swimmer check in/Bathrooms: (Home & Away Meets) - Job begins at 7:15 am Check in all swimmers for the meet. Write swimmer number onto hand/arm if needed. Ensure all "official" swimmers have checked in. Check/empty all trash cans, toilet paper, and towels in the restrooms at 10:00 am.
    • BBQ Snack Shack: Report to the Clubhouse at 10:30 am to set up and prepare hamburgers and hot dogs. Cook hamburgers and hot dogs on the BBQ. After serving, clean up BBQ and utensils.
    • Snow Cones: (Home Meets) 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Equipment should be set up. Snack shack coordinator will show you how to operate ice shaving machine. Cleanup and wash all syrup dispenser parts and put things away.
    • Tracker: Using a megaphone, calling for younger swimmers to line for their races. Also used to locate any missing swimmers.
    • Utility worker: (Home & Away Meets) - This is a back-up position to cover any unexpected absences. This worker could be asked to do any job. Report to the meet manager at 8:45 am for assignment.

  • Best for Returning Families (experience desired!)
    • Lane Writer: (Home & Away Meets) Write name and # of swimmer on each sheet. At the end of each race, the three timers will report their time to you as you write the 3 times on the lane slip. Official lane runner will come for slip but immediately prepare for next race. Fill in any other necessary information (ie, event #, heat #). Do not let swimmer leave until you are sure of the name and number. During relay events work ahead to get all the swimmers' names and numbers down on the slip. Lane writer coordinator will instruct prior to the meet and distribute lane slips. Be in the clubhouse by 8:45 am for meeting or when called.
    • Computer Input: (Home Meets) Assist our lead computer person with inputting swimmer data and times into our team's database.
    • Timer: (Home & Away Meets) There will be three timers per lane at each meet. Timers follow the instructions of the official and begin their watches at a strobe light flash. Watches are stopped when any part of the swimmer's body touches the wall. Timers report their time to the lane writer and quickly re-set their watch for the next race. If a timer fails to start his/her watch, call for a backup timer. Must attend training meeting prior to the meet, usually at 8:45 am.
    • Back up timer: (Home & Away Meets) - Starts watch for each race. Moves to a lane where a timer failed to start their watch and will provide one of the three official times in that race. Stop watch when you new lane's swimmer touches.
    • Set up or Take down: (Home Meets) - Requires the ability to lift 75 lbs. 
      • Set up: (begins at 6:15 am) putting the following in place: starting blocks, backstroke flags, announcer PA system, trash cans, sun shades, tables and chairs, and snack bar items. 
      • Take down: (begins immediately following the meet) set up in reverse, putting all swim team equipment listed above away. This job also includes emptying trash cans, putting the pool deck and clubhouse back exactly the way swim team found it. Set-up/take down coordinator will be present to direct tasks.
    • Snack Shack: (Home Meets) May assist in the following activities: Setting up the snack bar for breakfast or lunch, selling food and drinks, keeping the clubhouse kitchen clean, etc. 
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